who are we

Al-Shahba Company is considered one of the oldest companies in the manufacture of Aleppo soap in all its varieties, and we follow in the footsteps of our fathers and grandfathers in practicing the industry for which they were famous for years. We try our best to develop this industry and keep pace with modern industries using the latest production methods for the soap industry depending on manual production and all this in order to provide the best soap products in line with the consumer’s requirements while always maintaining the natural formula of the product.


Features of our products:

Our products come to you from the inspiration and spirit of nature and are made from the finest types of olive oil, in addition to the finest types of laurel oil. And the finest oriental perfumes to combine the luxury of the product with the simplicity of manufacturing that we do by hand with a focus on sensitive skin And how do you take care of it.
In Al-Shahba Company, we gathered all our experiences that we inherited from generations in the soap industry and developed them in a modern way to be in your hands of all kinds, including:
Laurel soap and perfumed soap Liquid Soap, Herbal soap.

Company vision

In Al-Shahba Company, we strive to fulfill consumers' aspirations to obtain high-quality products at competitive prices in the market International, not just domestic, through a combination of quality assurance in craftsmanship and health-setting standards Consumer and his keenness to enhance confidence in our products

The goals of the company

Today and in the future, providing a high-quality, high-value soap product that improves the lives of consumers, and results from our success in achieving this. The goal is to keep our customers placing their trust in us, driving us in sales, and creating value commensurate with the quality of our products; Which is what It brings success and distinction to our employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work. We always strive to do our business properly as we have learned it, and we are always working to improve this image in line with the aspirations of our time. We deal with our customers in an atmosphere of honesty and frankness.

Our principles

We motivate and make everyone want to work to their fullest potential for the success of the company. We value differences and support employees We enable them to achieve high expectations, ambitious standards and goals. We believe in our honest work, which will inevitably lead to the mutual success of both the company and the individuals. Our pursuit of mutual success makes us a strong bond that enables us to reach our best assets for clients and we believe in innovation and make it an essential component of our success.

The primary focus of the company

Our primary focus in Al-Shahba Company is to reach the highest levels of success and promote our company’s name to all parts of the world all over the world The history of the company, which exceeds 30 years, our business has evolved and diversified, but our goal, values and principles remain constant, and they will be passed on to them. Future generations literally. The efforts of our employees to achieve the desired goal of unifying the goal of the company and working according to a strategy to achieve it Yuema consumers in simple yet effective ways. It also motivates the company's employees to make a positive contribution every day.